The  below is a striking allegory on the subject of feminine beauty and our religious world's bitter confusion thereabout.  It starts out quite mild, but toward the end gets more heated.  Little Sally was a poor little girl having only one faded rose, which nevertheless was special and dear to her.  Although she loved the beauty of roses, little Sally was strongly rebuked for simply seeing the beauty of her friend's rose which was at it's prime.  Little Sally also had only one small doll with the tip of it's nose broken.  At times she liked to admire the picture of her doll as given on the box in which it was originally packaged.  She liked to remember and think of her doll perfect as  such as she played with it, but she also was strongly rebuked for such.   Since writing this allegory (more than 15 years ago), God has provided an abundance miraculous incidents confirming the vital message of the allegory.   Yes this is a subject that God greatly cares about.  God who withholds no good thing and who even declared He gave King David his numerous wives,  greatly cares about  sexual oppressions in any way related to the harsh doctrine of devils that disallowed marriage.  And yes has sent many astonishing miracles to show it!  

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Did God intend the most splendid beauty of woman as without spot or wrinkle,  as He created for man in the paradise Garden, and which without any obstruction is as honorably described in our Bibles, to be man's friend or foe?  

    The unique above video, closely relates to the above allegory.  I learned of this striking video near Valentines 2019, and at the time of creating the below page.  And yes this video certainly would have encouraged me to create a page as below.   Interestingly right after creating the striking below page for Valentine's 2019 a most amazing incident occurred with a message about the Valentine's subject.  This occurred on Valentines Eve of 2019 and involved a tree with a unique heart falling in a unique manner at a church which is most critical to me, and while therewith I had been praying religious errors surrounding this Church and subject would be uprooted and fall as tall dead trees.  That Valentine's tree incident with many other unique incidents is shown at www.HeartsAndLoveRevealed.comMay the year 2019 and ever after be a time of fully rebooting our Bibles and learning what they really stand for, and learning what the PERFECT LAW OF LIBERTY is all about!  Yes, may 2019 be a time of learning and realizing how romantic our God and Bibles really are, and to learn how to experience the fullness or fullest of the excellent things God created for the enrichment of humanity.  And such rather than no law or faulty laws stealing the blessing and leaving many in difficulty! God has provided a treasure of pleasure almost without measure, which NO LAW and FAULTY LAWS have plundered, smashed, and trashed.  While regarding it all both the religious and non religious have become so twisted and blind they can’t seem to find their right mind, and Oh how we need God to teach mankind.  Yes may God deliver us from bitter laws of any kind stemming from the DOCTRINE OF DEVILS which disallowed marriage (1 Tim 4:1-3). shares the above video and many related issues! 

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